Desain Baju Batik Modern — ALKHANSAS TV

Watch our highly entertaining and educational shows and videos around Fashion, Design, Lifestyle, and Self-improvement on ALKHANSAS TV (YouTube Channel, hosted by our Director Al Khansa Shalihah). Shows conducted in Bahasa Indonesia.


ALKHANSAS TV: Fashion Design

Video ini membahas lengkap Tips, Ide, dan Inspirasi Desain Baju Batik Modern Terbaru. Cocok untuk bentuk tubuh apapun, ide tentang kombinasi kain batik, juga tips seputar pemilihan warna kain. Tonton sampai akhir ya untuk mendapatkan info lengkapnya!


Milan Fashion Show — ALKHANSAS Modest Fashion

Held in Apollo Milano, 22 June, 2018, ALKHANSAS Modest Fashion showcased its latest collection. Elegant and Comfortable was the direction, portraying different feature of contemporary designs with Batik, prints, and other type of fabrics.

Batik Collection — Reaching Spirituality

Discover our latest Exclusive Batik collection, under the theme of Reaching Spirituality.



Reaching Spirituality speaks of:
The way the designer is trying to live, reaching out to, and embracing spirituality. The ideas were to find solutions to worldly problems human face within their everyday lives; an attempt to find visual and artistic direction that benefits the eye of the beholder, so that it could touch their hearts; trying to at least relive the sensation of spirituality in any ways. The collection is inspired by the Batik Fabric (one of Indonesia’s cultural heritage), Islamic Art, Abstract Expressionism,  Wassily Kandinsky, and John Cage’s ‘Chance Operations’.