• ALKHANSAS is a lifestyle brand that produces high end garment to everyday essentials for an inspiring living. We focus on Artisanal and one of a kind pieces, with many of its collections are heavily inspired by Italian Fashion.
  • The Brand was conceptualised in Milan, and legally re-established in 2017 under the company of PT Alkhansas Kreasi Indonesia. ALKHANSAS signature is relevant to the concept of timeless elegance. The brand embodied the value of excellence and the mission to support the cultural heritage, local craftsmanship, with appreciation toward diversity and artistic expressions.
  • AKS Formal produces high quality uniform and work-wear for established companies in Indonesia (Private & Government Offices).
  • Find our unique pieces & everyday essentials at ALKHANSAS for Shopee Mall.
  • ALKHANSAS Academy provides education on fashion and creative business to students all over Indonesia as well as Indonesian citizens across the globe.

We welcome you to join us & experience our marvelous products for a more inspiring living.

Contact Us:

PT Alkhansas Kreasi Indonesia
+628 1111 4185