ALKHANSAS Modest Fashion Designer

Born and raised in Indonesia, Al Khansa started the brand with her partner in Milan. She has always been inspired by the beauty that comes from the rawness; an Art movement close to the Abstract Expressionism (things that do not have rigid and precise meanings. ) and Non-figurative Islamic Art. She also uphold the legacy of Indonesia’s Art & Culture. Coming from a fusion of artistic, sports, and performing background, she was once crowned as one of the winners of The World Muslimah Beauty.

From the Designer:

Clothing should be something that lifts you. In a way that it does something to you magically, made you a better human being. To cover the outside is to also cover your inside. Meaning, have a good clothes, but also have a good heart.

Art, colors, and rawness are what inspire me to create the brand’s pieces.

It’s awesome that the universe has so much to offer to us. Beautiful things inspired us everyday. And hopefully we can offer you the same thing. Clothing that makes you look and feel beautiful inside out. Embracing who you really are as a person who uphold his/ her own uniqueness.

There is a beauty in all of us, that each and everyone has to start recognize and believe in.”  

Milan 2018,