Hei Can

Hei Can Yoki

Hei Can a.k.a Yoki. Born and raised in China, base in Milan. Always curious about new things, and be inspired by them.

“My inspiration comes from everything in my life, especially street culture. For me, fashion is always in the top of the wave. Be forever young, then you will always have creativity.”

Yoki’s Personal Instagram is @yokibmaps, where she shares all interesting things in her eyes, while it also sets as a huge Moodboard for all of her design.

In 2017, she started another account with her friends, which called @mimooomy. They use the page as a campaign to reinforce Street Style that took inspiration from their everyday life, with some exquisite visual effect.

To contact Hei “Yoki” Can,
send an Enquiry to designers@alkhansas.com with a subject of [HEI CAN]

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