ALKHANSAS Reward 2017/2018


for ALKHANSAS Spring/ Summer 2018 Collection


What if you can use BATIK everyday?

Let’s offer people products that matter, introduce and provide BATIK wearable art, promoting Indonesia’s Famous and Legendary cultural heritage: BATIK. It is now your turn to submit your world-winning creative ideas on FASHION PRODUCTS based on the use of BATIK. The winner of this year’s competition will receive a Roundtrip ticket to Italy, experience one of the world’s best place of design industry and—of course— a perfect place to travel.

Here is the complete information:




  • Roundtrip ticket to Milan, Italy (flight from Jakarta, Indonesia only)
  • Exclusive Exhibition of your Product, along with ALKHANSAS Event in October 2018
  • Publications to your Profile & Work
  • Certificate
  • Souvenirs from Sponsors


1. Create your Product:

  • Create a Fashion related product (example: accessories, outwear, dress, or other outrageous wearable fashion you can think of)
  • Use BATIK in your design approach. You can use it directly on the product, or you can use it as an inspiration
  • An extra point will be given if you use the method of Recycling (using a used Batik Fabric instead of buying new ones)
  • Create only ONE product per person (you have to work individually)

2. Create your Presentation:

  • The format is up to you. You can deliver it as a PDF, JPG/PNG, a VIDEO format, whatever can be seen in DIGITAL (we don’t want you to print anything! Save Paper Save Environment)
  • The maximum size of file is 50MB. It is possible to submit a file sized more than 50MB, by sending us a link to your files (example: Google Drive with access for Public to view, Dropbox, etc)
  • The presentation AT LEAST includes (you can add more content): Mood board/ Inspirations, Name of the Product, Description of the product, Technical Drawing, Photo of Final Product

3. Spread your Work:

  • Take a photo of you with your product
  • Post it on one of your social medias
  • Write a creative caption, insert ‘ALKHANSAS Reward 2017/2018’, and add a link to in your caption. For example: “Check out my Batik Pleated Skirt I made for the ALKHANSAS Reward 2017/2018! For more info you can check the website!” 


Students from University and High School can participate ALKHANSAS Reward 2017/2018.


  • Deadline of Submission: 31 March 2018, 23.59 (GMT+7) 
  • Announcement of 10 Finalists: 7 April 2018, 00.01 (GMT +7)
  • Final Round (Scored by Main Judges): 8 April 2018 – 14 April 2018 (GMT +7)
  • Announcement of Winner: 15 April 2018, 00.01 (GMT +7)


To be Announce soon. Judges will be positioned by Brand Creative Director, Public Figure, and Professionals.

Additional Information:

Selection Criteria:

  • Novelty 
  • Creativity
  • Philosophy and Vision
  • Functions

Terms & Conditions:

*Important, Read Carefully!

By Submitting your product, it means that you have been aware of the Terms & Conditions, and Agree with the compliance.

  1. Product of the 10 Finalists will be exhibited on ALKHANSAS event on October 2018, along with ALKHANSAS newest collection. This means that the product will be open for auction and sale whenever third party conveys a sense of interest in the product. 
  2. ALKHANSAS will have the right to publish your designs on its media assets, including with its media partners.
  3. ALKHANSAS will have the right to reproduce the finalists’ products under a Profit Sharing System of 50:50 for maximum 5 years long (this means the finalists have the right to earn 50% of the profit after taxes applied; and after the 5th year, the finalists will have the full rights of the product with his/her own production). 
  4. Designers are agree to ONLY submit ORIGINAL creations (not a copy other designs, especially designs of brands with trademark). If found that designers are violating other brands’ copyright, ALKHANSAS is Not responsible for any legal claims made by other parties.

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