Art Initiatives for Refugee

This page is dedicated to the Refugees and Humanity. It might and might not be real, but our mission is to convey the message of one of today’s world most depressing problem. We believe in Hopes and changes for the better. We hope that through our Art and Design initiatives, more people are aware of this humanitarian problem; and are willing to speak up for change; for the sake of the persecuted ones.




Understanding, tolerance, human living together in peace
and harmony is the most beautiful thing.

But are far from it?

This story is “fictional”

Or is it? 

It (could) happen for real,
if we don’t start to think about changes
to the potentially persecuted human race.

History repeated.
Human history doesn’t get more human.
Everything but humanity was advanced and developed.
Every strong but the weak was given chances to remain their powers.

The Tribe of Hope walks 1414km to the South of their (were) homes, only to find that they are living on a pity of other nations.

They were kicked by the head of their nation; for reasons they have no choice of; neither chances to defend themselves.

Maybe it was because they were different in their beliefs?

So away they go, from the land their anchestor has been living for centuries.

Days, the Tribe of Hope has been walking to find new place they will call home.

The Tribe of Hope is a Hope for humanity. A living example to push us to open up our hearts; feel the pain of others. The tribe of Hopes teaches and shown us reasons and example of what it is to be human. To think of others.

Behind any tragedy, there are always (somewhat) beautiful lesson : learning to empathy.