Pinisi Ship, from Indonesia to Florence

Last time was Batik. Now, one of Indonesia’s Ships, Pinisi, originated from South of Sulawesi is being shown in ALKHANSAS’ latest Capsule Collection. The design is inspired by the rich and strong history, legacy, and cultures of Indonesia. The printed red-and-white outwear piece was shown in Florence, one of Italy’s most beautiful city that holds a home to many masterpieces of Renaissance Art and Architecture. ALKHANSAS is now bringing a part of Indonesia to Florence.

To take inspiration from interesting and astonishing objects with strong silhouettes, especially those related to the heritage and cultures, has always been a way for ALKHANSAS’ creative process. The Modest Fashion Brand took the opportunity to showcase another cultural heritage of Indonesia in the latest Capsule Collection, using Print Patterns of a Pinisi Ship. A historical ship originated from from the Bugis and Makassar Tribes in South Sulawesi (Sulawesi Selatan).

The piece of the collection is crafted with a strong print of Pinisi Ship, portraying one of the most valuable symbols that holds strong Histories, Economics, and Religious means. Its iconic presence is apparently used and have been useful for the many. What used to be a cargo ship, is now used for more symbolic and varied economic activities.


Collection: BHINNEKA Capsule Collection