What is Modest Fashion?

The term Modest Fashion might be around for some time, but what exactly is that? Easily, Modest Fashion can be said as fashion state in which outfits are loose, less skin revealing, or even connected or associated to a religion or belief. For example, today it is often known as outfits worn by Muslim women (though in the past it was commonly worn by other religions).

People, culture, or countries all over the world can have their own definition on what Modest Fashion is. Our Designer, Al Khansa Shalihah, talks about the definition on Modest Fashion, a fashion style she has been close to since her very young age.

“Many different standard, but to me Modest Fashion is wearing your outfits (and other fashion related items), in a way that you show modesty.” 

She continues,

“Practically speaking, covering all (or some part of the hair), body parts that can potentially caused a temptation to the opposite gender; wearing the outfits for fair reasons, like putting it as a daily necessities, without having a will to overexposed one’s own possession. In a fashion & religion sense speaking, this can mean loose clothing, comfortable outfits, or covering body to some level or extent. In addition, it can always be a fashion statement (not just religion, but also a choice of life and living).”