Italian Artistic Textile Arts

From time to time, Italian carpet & tapestries designers have been producing some of the most amazing piece of Artwork. Last September we had a chance to visit an exhibition that showcases their works of art. These are not paintings or prints, but purely weavings of textiles.

By the twentieth century, the textile art has come to its significant time of existence. Textile and pictorial art has a close relation to each other, and the need to create artistic carpets & tapestries has involved the role of painter and cartoonist to have their art and drawings translated into mechanical production of weavings.

The exhibition held more than 100 works showing the path of textile art within the twentieth century, and displayed in a consecutive order.

Name of Exhibition: Intrecci del Novecento. Tapestries and Carpets of Italian Artists and Manufacturers.
Place of Exhibition: La Triennale di Milano