I See Colors Everywhere

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so does colors to its viewer, its artist, its interpreter. I See Colors Everywhere, an international Art Exhibition held by United Colors of Benetton takes its place at the famous Milan Art Museum, Triennale Design Museum (La Triennale di Milano) last September 2017.

I See Colors Everywhere was refreshing and driven by sense of contemplations, filled with creativities regarding human and social issues, through reflections on the power of colors. Every colors has its own story, they say. Every colors were used to present stories with its own artistic attributes. Gathering well known and recognized artist, designers, and sound performers from all over the world, I See Colors turned the exhibition on the theme of Colors to another level. Connecting and immersing into people’s mind with the most common and effective way: through Colors and Visual Art.

Red. .., red is the color of blood, the planet Mars and cherries. It is associated with happiness and good fortune in Asian countries and with heat, passion and speed in the Western world. A universal signifier of courage, across the centuries it has been worn by revolutionaries and waved by matadors…

Green. .., green is commonly associated with nature, life, growth and hope. Green also means envy in the West and sunrise in China. In the Middle Ages it was worn by bankers and merchants, while according to Islam those living in Paradise wear green silk robes.

Only at the heart of Milan, will you find some of the world’s most sophisticated Art and Design Exhibitions.