Fictional History into Fashion and Movie

Recently ALKHANSAS undertook collaboration with Partners, creating a fashion collection based on a fictional history evoking the life portray of the women in the Belle Epoque Era. The character was named Agnes, and the history spoke about her relationship with the exciting world of photography and her love with that one man…

Designers are to create a Fictional Character, born between the 1880 and the 1950. Inspired by the art, culture, and the presence of the Belle Époque. The designers thought to relocate the obvious opulence to a contradicting character & life span into an ordinary women who are by chance well connected to the high society, the world of Photography, and Art in general.

Histoire d’Agnes

Agnes Deville born in 1885, in the countryside, Versailles. The only daughter of her parents, whom by profession were waiters that worked in Le Table Du 11.

Fictional Fashion Character

One day, a traveller went to the Le Table Du 11, where she and her parent worked. After finishing meal, he left behind his traveling catalogue on his seat. Out of curiosity, Agnes picked it up, glanced through it, and was fascinated by its content, especially by the photographs of the most beautiful Parisian architecture, art, and culture. She began to fall in love with the world of art & photography, and wished to be able to do it for a living in the future.

“In the year of 1900 (aged 15), she moved to Paris for a better living. She worked as a waitress in one of the most popular cafe of that period, Lex Deux Magots. In addition, she was also a model, a muse for some of the known hair salons and hairstylists.

She then met a famous and rich photographer, Robert Demachy (aged 28). He was a regular customer of the cafe and Agnes was his favorite. Robert found her to be alluring and unique with a captivating persona. Her confidence and her passion reflected through her hazel eyes. He asked her to be a personal servant to his family (to note that he was married) & being a muse for his photographs. As Robert learnt about Agnes’ interest in photography, he volunteered to mentor her. He motivated her to transform into a passionate artist, and later this embarked feelings of love towards Agnes. Due to his marital status they could never express their emotions for each other.

“Around the year of 1907, she was intensively learning photography. Robert gifted her very own Kodak no 2 brownie box camera by Eastman. This was a major breakthrough moment for her.

“At the same time in 1914, there was a World War I. She volunteered to be a cook in the soldier camp, but she secretly carried a camera with her to capture the conditions of the war. 

“In 1945 she died of an ailment, few years after Robert’s death. Posthumously, she became known for her pictures of war which had a different perspective.




Luca Belotti
Manuela Porta

Al Khansa Shalihah
Brenta Bao
He Yan
Payal Kale
Yadi Wu

Claudia Stecher

Screenplay & Cinematography,
Elena Chiechio
Margherita Freyrie
Sveva Perego
Vittoria Elena Simone


Collection: [2nd Outfit] ALKHANSAS Conceptual