Paint it Red, paint it Dusty Green. This conceptual Dress will find its way to stand by its own definition of beauty. An aim to the Avant-garde approach, this dress was supported by unconventional materials such as cables, wires, and wall paint.



An Artistic Dress, an ALKHANSAS conceptual collection; curated by Cinzia Ruggeri (Italian Fashion Designer, Professor at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, Italy), was shown at:

Milano, Italy

Under a theme of:
From Foot to Head



See the Video:
An artistic collection, expressing one’s “Courage & Fears” formed by the will to break free from human expectations, forces, and dictates. The story began by an overwhelming “Pursues” that one’s had to face in this life.

Collection: ALKHANSAS Conceptual

Credits: Model: Shuying Yang | Screenplay and Direction: Nahridzah M. Shiber

About the Author ALKHANSAS

Modest Fashion and Its Artistic Life.