ALKHANSAS Artistic Dress Exhibited in Milan

Paint it Red, paint it Dusty Green. This conceptual Dress will find its way to stand by its own definition of beauty. An aim to the Avant-garde approach, this dress was supported by unconventional materials such as cables, wires, and wall paint.



An Artistic Dress, an ALKHANSAS conceptual collection; curated by Cinzia Ruggeri (Italian Fashion Designer, Professor at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, Italy), was shown at:

Milano, Italy

Under a theme of:
From Foot to Head



See the Video:
An artistic collection, expressing one’s “Courage & Fears” formed by the will to break free from human expectations, forces, and dictates. The story began by an overwhelming “Pursues” that one’s had to face in this life.

Collection: ALKHANSAS Conceptual

Credits: Model: Shuying Yang | Screenplay and Direction: Nahridzah M. Shiber