Trends and Inspiration on Colors will be about CAPTURING  LIGHT.

What inspires must never expires.

It stimulates your thoughts and brain toward ideas, yet it moves the heart. This is what influence us; choosing this color palette for the upcoming year’s color trend and inspiration.


— “Pavements have taken our steps into uncertainty; but we still move our feet, taking all chances that we meet.
— “The brave and positivity faced the calm and relaxed, embracing each other. Contrasting colors compliment each other.

The illustration is ALKHANSAS’ original documents, taken along the pathways that were bypassed; the life that’s lived, from Milan to Rome. Mixing between street art and the presence of the street itself.

Bright colors with brighter colors.

“Even when the sun is set and the day gets colder, there will always be new beginnings”

We welcome the upcoming color trends with more excitement, freedom, hopes, positivity, and life’s blessings.

Color Trends and Inspiration 2018



Modest Fashion and Its Artistic Life.